Christine Goodall

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Oral Surgery at Glasgow University's Dental School. Dr Christine Goodall's research interests include alcohol and violence and she has published in both of these fields. Christine has worked extensively to research the efficacy of ABI in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Glasgow and their efficacy is such that alcohol interventions are now provided as part of normal care to facial trauma patients. She has also been involved in encouraging the dental profession to include routine alcohol enquiry for every patient and this has been adopted by SDCEP as part of their Oral Health Assessment and Review. She has recently been involved in the first trials of sobriety testing using remote transdermal alcohol monitors in the UK in both student and offending groups. She set up Medics against Violence in 2008 and through this organisation provides school interventions on violence and alcohol as well as training for health professionals in dealing with domestic abuse and rape and sexual assault. Alcohol features prominently in all these other areas.

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